News On Match Planned For WWE WrestleMania, Including Spoilers

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As noted before here on a current possible match at this year’s WrestleMania 27 PPV in Atlanta features current RAW & SmackDown! announcer Michael Cole. Cole has been learning to take bumps at WWE developmental. It’s also no secret he has been special refereeing RAW dark matches. This has all been done to try and prepare Cole for WrestleMania 27. WWE officials have had plans for Cole and Lawler to do something at the big show for months.

In the past few weeks, some ideas tossed around for Lawler and Cole at WrestleMania have the two facing off in a singles match or Lawler vs. Alex Riley with Cole as referee and some kind of stipulation added to it. Look for the storyline between the two to get heated at the Elimination Chamber PPV. A possible scenerio is Michael Cole will once again cost Lawler the WWE Championship against the Miz, causing the two to be involved in some sort of match at the big show.

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