News & Notes From WWE RAW; Superstars & Dark Match Results

  • Share reader Tedy passed along the following notes for live notes from the live RAW tapings tonight:

Prior to RAW, Dark Match

William Regal defeated Johnny Curtis. A good five minute match. The crowd was anti-Regal, who won with a running knee. The building is full except for the top couple of rows in section 209. The crowd is hot.

WWE Superstars Taping
Zack Ryder and Primo defeated David Hart Smith and Darren Young. Smith worked most of this match. Zack got the win via Ruff Ryder. I have to ask whether they are a team or not? Creative needs to get it together because they fought last week.

Yoshi Tatsu defeated Tyson Kidd. There’s no sign of Jackson Andrews again this week. A good technical match that the crowd was into. Tyson, who isn’t liked by the crowd, performed a dragon leg whip through the ropes that looked vicious and awesome. Kidd was going for the Sharpshooter when Yoshi reversed it for the victory. Great match. They are changing over to Raw now.

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