NFL Legend & Strikeforce Fighter Herschel Walker Considering WWE Run

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NFL legend and current Strikeforce MMA fighter Herschel Walker was backstage at Monday’s WWE RAW and took part in an interview for the WWE website. Regarding the possibility that we could one day see him in a WWE ring competing, Walker says it very well could happen.

“I’ve watched these guys for a long time and I respect them a great deal,” Walker said. “If Vince McMahon wants me in there, then maybe I could do it.” Walker says being a pro wrestler is a lifelong dream of his and he named The Rock as one of his favorite WWE performers of all time.

“I watched wrestling before I even knew what football was,” he said. “In fact, I always wanted to be a wrestler,” Walker said. “That’s the way I got to be around my father a lot on Saturdays: My younger brother and I sitting at his feet watching Rocky Johnson and all of those guys.”

2 Responses to “NFL Legend & Strikeforce Fighter Herschel Walker Considering WWE Run”

  1. Wiseoneespn says:

    Do it DAWg. I bout to steal Myka away from him She Far to fine a woman

  2. Pdpmagi says:

    Herschel Walker could come in for a run as World Title and then leave the business. It would generate interest in WWF outside the wrestling business and he is legend in the NFL and athletic world for his heroics. It cannot hurt but only help in a way that makes Heschel look good the whole way.

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