Notes & Coverage From The WWE WrestleMania 27 Press Conference

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Thanks to Matt and for the following notes from the WWE WrestleMania 27 press conference:

*There is a lot of media and probably just as many fans in attendance.

*Stephanie McMahon welcomed everyone to the conference. The fans started chanting “Hogan sucks” and she remarked that Hulk “wouldn’t be part of this year’s Wrestlemania, that’s for sure.”

*Stephanie introduced Triple H, who kissed her when he came out. Hunter announced he would be inducting his best friend Shawn Michaels into the WWE Hall of Fame this weekend. He cut a promo on ending the streak Sunday.

*Edge cut a promo on Wrestlemania and then had a staredown with Alberto Del Rio.

*Miz cuts a promo saying he would retain his belt this Sunday because he’s awesome.

*John Cena cuts a promo about Wrestlemania. The fans are drowning him out and chanting “same old sh**.” Fans chant for Rock.

*Snooki was introduced and was wearing a t-shirt that read “Brunette Mafia.” She said that is the name of her six person team at Mania. She rips on Laycool.

*Rock takes the mic and the place is chanting “One More Match.” He begins to talk and fans are chanting “Fruity Pebbles.”

*Snooki asks if she can get a photo with Rock and Cena together. They agree and take the photo, then begin staring each other down. Place goes nuts.

*For those wondering, Vince McMahon did not appear.

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