Notes From Madison Square Garden WWE House Show

  • Share noted previously, WWE held a house show at Madison Square Garden from New York City last night. Below are a few notes from the show:

— Mick Foley worked the show as the host and ended up getting into an altercation with Jack Swagger. Foley then booked him into a match against the in-ring return of Jerry “The King” Lawler, which the RAW color commentator ended up winning after Foley got involved in the match by using Mr. Socko.

— John Cena and Kane competed in a match last night. Like their previous bouts at live events and dark matches, the match ended in a disqualification after Kane ended the short match by hitting Cena with a steel chair. Kane left the ring but came back only to get caught up in an Attitude Adjustment finisher by Cena.

— FCW World Champion Leo Kruger was in attendance last night and lost to Alex Riley. Kruger caught a heel promo before the match. The match didn’t seem to get over with the crowd with many people describing it as being “flat” and “dull.”