Notes & Results From WWE RAW Live Event From El Paso, Texas

  • Share site contributor Gabriel Anthony sent the following notes along from the RAW live event last night (9/24/11) from El Paso, TX:

The entire El Paso Colliseum was completely sold out. From the opening match to the main event the crowd was on their feet. There were lots of “Eddie” chants last night as well. Here are the matches that took place last night:

Opening Match: Battle Royal to determine the #1 Contender for the U.S. Title later tonight
John Morrison v. Mason Ryan v. Evan Bourne v. Kofi Kingston v. Primo v. Zack Ryder v. Drew McIntyre v. Jack Swagger v. Alex Riley v. David Otunga v. McGillicutty.
Winner: John Morrison

Notes: Looks like WWE is going with Morrison to be next to challenge Dolph Ziggler for the title in the near future. Also, Mason Ryan looked completely healthy now and it looks like WWE has given him a face turn.

Match 2: Divas Championship Match
Kelly Kelly v. Beth Phoenix
Winner: Kelly Kelly

Notes: Looks like WWE is going to continue with this feud. When given more time to compete, like at these live shows, these two ladies put on a really good match, the crowd was into it too.

Match 3: Drew McIntyre v. Zack Ryder
Winner: Zack Ryder

Notes: McIntyre is a great talent who knows how to work a crowd, he put so much heat on himself from the crowd you could tell he really enjoyed being there performing last night. WWE needs to use him more IMO. Also it looks like WWE is testing the waters with Ryder, seeing how much of a reaction he gets from the fans, and judging by last night’s crowd WWE should keep using him on TV because he truly is over with the fans. TONS of Ryder signs last night.

Match 4: U.S. Championship Match
Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie v. John Morrison
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Notes: Vickie had alot of heat on her since it was her hometown. Ziggler and Morrison put on an excellent match so it definitely looks like WWE is going to use Morrison to be next in line for the title. Also, Ziggler defeated Morrison with a Super Kick and it seems like that will be his new finisher from now on as he went for it several times during the match.

Match 5: Jack Swagger w/ Vickie v. Alex Riley
Winner: Jack Swagger

Notes: Again Vickie had alot of heat on her and “Eddie” chants filled the arena. These two put on a good match and looks like WWE is going to turn this into a feud, possibly with Riley and Morrison teaming up to face Ziggler and Swagger.

Match 6: WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Air Boom v. Otunga & McGillicutty
Winners: Air Boom

Notes: Good match by all, the crowd was completely behind Kingston and Bourne. After the match The Miz and R-Truth hit the ring and beat down the tag champs. Then they cut a promo on how even though they were “fired” they were going to continue causing chaos on the WWE superstars and especially Triple H. They got a big pop from the crowd when they came out, and there were alot of “Rehire Awesome Truth” signs throughout the arena.

Main Event: Street Fight — Alberto Del Rio v. CM Punk
Winner: CM Punk

Notes: These two have great chemistry in the ring, the crowd was completely behind the match as a whole it was such an amazing atmosphere during the main event. After the match, CM Punk took the mic and thanked everyone for giving him the opportunity to come out and perform for the sold out crowd. He thanked Vickie and said he was very thankful he got to call the late, great Eddie Guerrero a friend before his unfortunate passing. He said no one truly dies as long as those people who loved him still keep him in their hearts. It was a very emotional promo. Then he said when he thinks of El Paso he only thinks of one man. Then he said he wanted everyone to stand up and chant, “but not CM Punk, you know the name I want to hear…”. “Eddie” chants roared through the arena, then Punk dropped the mic, got on his knees and kissed the middle of the ring. Then he got up on the top rope, looked up and pointed to the ceiling, and it looked like he said “this was for you Eddie”. Very classy act by Punk, the crowd loved it as did he.

More notes: Cena was advertised to appear but no-showed the event last night, not sure why. The kids sitting in the row ahead of me, decked out in full Cena gear, were really disappointed.

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