More Notes From WWE Conference Call: PPV Buyrates, The Next ‘The Rock’?

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Below are some notes from the WWE shareholders call conference held by WWE CEO & Chairman Vince McMahon this afternoon:

* McMahon noted that the company that produces their game, THQ, will be soon launching a new WWE game on the popular social media website Facebook in the near future.

* McMahon feels that 99-100% of the roster in the WWE developmental system, FCW, could very well be on their way to become the next “The Rock”

* McMahon noted that the company will likely be able to use content from RAW on the new Network, but isn’t sure completely because the distribution deal lasts through the end of 2014.

In addition, WWE reported that the WrestleMania 27 PPV had 65,000 “incremental buys” added in the third quarter, which helped the overall pay-per-view revenue.

In addition, updated numbers from the summer-early fall pay-per-view buys were reported with Money in the Bank ranking in 195,000 buys, up 15% from last year’s 165,000 buys. SummerSlam 2011 drew 296,000 buys, down 15% from the 350,000 in 2010. Night of Champions drew 161,000 buys, down just over 2% from 165,000 in 2010.

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