Ongoing TNA Wrestling iMPACT! Results (2/10/11)

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We open the show with comments from various members of the TNA roster from this past weekend’s house shows down south, then we go to the Impact Zone as Eric Bischoff comes to the ring with the remaining members of Immortal. He says that if anyone thinks that Immortal is going to take a step back because of what happened with Fortune, it’s not going to happen because he’s Eric Bischoff and he’s spent the last 15 years building stars and companies and changing the face of the industry as we know it today. He doesn’t give a damn about Fortune, and the only reason they were even in Immortal was because of Ric Flair who, by the way, owes him a phone call. He runs each of the members of Fortune one by one, calling AJ Styles a midget hillbilly, James Storm one beer away from liver failure, Frankie Kazarian the Clay Aiken of wrestling, and Robert Roode another Canadian with no charisma. Eric hands the microphone to his friend, the founder of TNA and the reason we’re all here tonight, Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett tells Fortune to come out right now (which they do), and Jarrett tells those BOYS to grow a set and come talk face to face with some real men.

Fortune comes down to the ring and goes face to face with Immortal (crowd starts a big AJ Styles chant), and Jarrett apologizes to Eric Bischoff for what happened last week, because nine years ago he gave every member of Fortune an opportunity when they were flipping burgers and begging him for a job, and this is how they repay him. This isn’t even talking about the disrespect they’ve shown the biggest box office attraction in the history of the business, Hulk Hogan, and all of them are nothing. He continues running them all down and then Roode grabs the mic out of his hand and says that this is enough, and if we want to take a trip down Memory Lane, Jarrett did give them all an opportunity, and they took that opportunity and built his company from the ground up. They are the heart and soul of TNA Wrestling and Jarrett knows it’s the truth, but they’d still come in week after week and see “the new face of wrestling”, their saviors, the washed up hasbeens who came and left, and the whole time Jarrett was overlooking them. They all had opportunities to leave and make more money elsewhere, but they stayed here because of the love and the belief they had in TNA Wrestling. They have all risen to the top and they’ll continue to rise to the top no matter what they have to say about it, and if Jarrett doesn’t like that, then he should grow a set and do something about it…Slapnuts.

That was enough for Immortal, who attack Fortune and beat them down until Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner, and Crimson come out to make the save. Immortal bails up the rampway as Angle and company stare them down from the ring.

We go backstage where Velvet Sky and Winter are going nose to nose and screaming at each other until Angelina Love gets between them and yells at them to stop it becuase she’s had enough of the drama. She formally introduces BFF and Tag Team Partner to one another, and says that if they don’t get along tonight, they’re going to get killed out there.

We go back to Eric Bischoff’s office as he’s joined by Hernandez, and they always appreciated what he did and while Dixie Carter treated him like a rug, he took it upon himself to go down to Mexico and become a big star. Bischoff wants to treat him the way he deserves to be treated, and all Hernandez has to do is hurt some people. Hernandez seems into it and gives him the pound.

Okay, we’re off to the ring for our first match…

Tables Match: Matt Hardy, Bully Ray & The Pope vs Brother Devon, Samoa Joe & Rob Van Dam

A brawl starts immediately before the match even starts and Joe again chases Pope to the back before the match even officially begins. Hardy and RVD go at it in the ring and RVD runs him over with a spinkick and then hits Rolling Thunder as Devon rams Bully Ray into the steps. Hardy slowly goes to the top rope and RVD recovers and kicks him off the top to the floor. Hardy gets a chair and nails RVD as he tries a dive over the ropes. Now the Dudleys get in the ring and Devon goes for a running charge, but Bully Ray gets an elbow up and then nails Devon in the stapler. Ray gets in his face and says he’ll get his own stinkin’ tables, and goes outside to pull a table from under the ring and sets it up on the floor. Ray goes back over to Devon’s kids and says that he’s going to go beat their father because he’s weak, just like them. Ray hops up on the apron and Devon’s kids hop the rail and grab his ankles, allowing Devon to drive him off the apron and through the table for the win.

Winners: Rob Van Dam, Brother Devon & Samoa Joe

Devon celebrates in the ring with his kids.

We go backstage to the Jarretts as Karen is telling her husband how great he looks, and Jeff says he can’t wait for Angle to find out about the clause he put in the contract.

We head out to the ring with the Jarretts, who are surrounded by security, and Karen asks if we all enjoyed watching their family behind the scenes. Karen says that she did it for all of us because she can’t imagine what it’s like with our terrible marriages and dysfunctional marriages, and see what it’s like to be a Jarrett and live the life they live where it’s nothing but love 24/7. Kurt Angle’s music hits and he comes walking out to sign the contract for their match as security forms a wall between him and the Jarretts. Karen says that this is a good chance to show the kids that mommy, daddy Kurt, and daddy Jeff can all get along and he should put on his happy face. Angle says to just give him the damn papers, and Jarrett says not so fast because their match at Genesis was supposed to be an exhibition and Angle took it too far, and that’s why Jarrett had to destroy him. Jarrett says he has nothing to prove at Against All Odds, so he wants to up the ante: if Angle wins, then he gets custody of their two kids, but if Jarrett wins, then on March 3rd in Fayetteville, North Carolina when Karen renews her vows with Jeff, he wants Angle to give the bride away. Karen obviously doesn’t like what’s going on,but Jeff signs the contract and then hands it to Kurt, who signs it as well.

We go to commercial, and then come back for our next match…

Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne, Tara, Sarita, and Rosita vs Knockouts Tag Team Champions Angelina Love & Winter, Velvet Sky, and Mickie James

Cute bit as the Beautiful People and Winter made their entrance and Winter and Velvet kept trying to elbow each other out of the way so they could come to the ring with Angelina. Angelina and Sarita go at it in the ring and Sarita dumps Angelina to the apron, but Angelina nails her and comes off the top with a flying bodypress for 2. Rosita trips Angelina from the floor and then fires a hard forearm at her from the outside. Rosita tags in and cracks Angelina in the face with a a hard forearm, then Sarita picks her up on her shoulders and drops Rosita on Angelina for 2. Sarita tags in and wheelbarrow sentons Rosita onto Angelina and follows with a senton of her own for 2. Sarita and Rosita work Angelina over in the corner and then Rosita tries a crossbody, but Angelina catches her and hits a front powerslam then makes the hot tag to Velvet. Instead of wrestling the match, Velvet argues with Winter and allows Sarita to nail Velvet from behind and Rosita moonsaults Velvet for the win.

Winners: Madison Rayne, Tara, Sarita & Rosita

Velvet and Winter continue arguing all the way to the back, but Mickie James tells Madison that she’s sick of Madison sneak attacking her and tells her to come back to the ring right now.

We go to commercial, and when we come back Madison asks Mickie if she’s going to tell her about all the things she’s going to do to her at Against All Odds, then says that Mickie came to TNA to prove she’s the top female wrestler in the top female division in the world. Madison says she’s gotten some impressive wins, but they haven’t been against her and she can talk the talk, but when it comes to walking the walk, she’s crippled. There comes a time when every wrestler has to make the decision about whether it’s time to hang up the boots, and while Madison is young and hasn’t even hit her prime yet, but Mickie’s at that point and she has a decision to make about whether she’s going to let Madison keep embarrassing her.

We go backstage to Jeff Hardy, who ponders on tonight’s Morgan-Anderson match with the winner facing him at Against All Odds in a Ladder Match, and the only thing that matters is when he climbs the ladder and regains his title.

Ken Anderson and Matt Morgan are backstage, and they’re…WALKING!

We go to the back as Kurt Angle walks into Fortune’s locker room and tells AJ Styles & Robert Roode to destroy Jeff Jarrett tonight because of what he said about Kurt’s kids. Roode says what the Jarretts are doing by putting the kids in the middle of it is BS, and Kurt did Fortune a favor, so Roode will do him a favor tonight and give Angle his spot in the match tonight.

Back to the ring…

TNA World Title Match: Ken Anderson vs Matt Morgan

Jeff Hardy comes out before the match with a ladder, sets it up at ringside, and climbs to the top for a bird’s eye view of the match. You might as well do the screwjob finish right now for all the difference it will make. Anderson gets a headlock and Morgan sends him off into the ropes, but an Anderson shoulderblock goes nowhere. Now Morgan gets a headlock, Anderson sends him into the ropes, and Morgan runs over him with a shoulderblock. Anderson tries a hiptoss, Morgan reverses to one of his own, but misses a legdrop and Anderson gets a sliding clothesline for 2. They trade blows and Morgan whips Anderson to the corner and follows in with a clothesline, then hits a side suplex for 2. Morgan hits a series of short clotheslines, but Anderson ducks the last one and rolls Morgan up for 2. Morgan pops right back up and gets a clothesline for 2 and then goes to a chinlock as we get a good view of Hardy watching the action from the ladder. Anderson fights his way out of the chinlock and they trade blows again, but Anderson gets a flying clothesline, back elbow, and swinging neckbreaker for 2. Morgan blocks the Mic Check and Anderson dodges the Carbon Footprint and hits a clothesline from the second rope for 2. Morgan goes for another Carbon Footprint but crotches himself on the top rope and tumbles to the floor. Anderson tries to pull him back in and Morgan snaps his neck across the top rope and Anderson falls backwards into the ref and wipes him out. Suddenly, Hernandez runs out and attacks Morgan on the floor, rams him into the ringpost, then rolls him back into the ring so Anderson can cover him for 3.

Winner: Ken Anderson

Hardy sits applauding from his spot at the top of the ladder, and then Hernandez runs in and nails Anderson from behind, then plants him in the mat with a big spinebuster. Hardy comes down from the ladder and hits a Swanton on Anderson, then picks up the Divas Title belt and holds it high.

We go backstage to Bully Ray, who tells Devon that his kids are a couple of bastards who stuck their nose into his business. He says Devon has always been weak and he’s raised two weak sons who grabbed his legs so Devon could blindside him. He tells Devon to bring his kids to Against All Odds so he can turn his bastard boys into men.

Back to the ring…

X Division #1 Contender’s Match: Brian Kendrick vs Robbie E vs Suicide

Robbie attacks Suicide as he makes his big entrance on the zip line, but Suicide fires back and works Robbie over in the corner with clotheslines. Robbie backdrops Suicide to the floor and Kendrick suddenly goes after Robbie, still wearing his robe, and then they both nail Suicide as he gets back in the ring, but Suicide comes back and picks Kendrick up and legdrops him onto Robbie before giving Kendrick a bulldog to the second turnbuckle and clotheslining Robbie to the floor. Kendrick fires back with a series of kicks but Suicide hits a Yakuza Kick and a 450 back suplex. Cookie gets up on the apron and distracts Suicide so Robbie can run in and nail him from behind and then cover Kendrick for the win.

Winner: Robbie E

So the #1 Contender’s Match at Against All Odds will now be Robbie E and Generation Me fighting for a shot at the X Division Title.

AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett, and Jeff Hardy are backstage, and they’re all…WALKING!

We go to an interview with Ink Inc, who say they represent people who aren’t afraid to come out and be themselves, and it doesn’t matter what you’re into because it’s all about coming out and representing themselves. They proved to Gunner & Murphy last week what they’re all about when they picked up the win.

Mike Tenay and Taz run down the card for Against All Odds, and then we go backstage to the Devon family. Devon says he’s glad Bubba is pissed off because he had no business putting his hands on Devon’s kids, and he was the one who brought them into the situation. They may be young, but don’t underestimate them because they’re all going to give him the ass kicking of his life.

It’s main event time!

Jeff Hardy & Jeff Jarrett vs AJ Styles & Kurt Angle

Jarrett and AJ start the match and AJ immediately tags Angle in, so Jarrett runs and tags out to Hardy. Angle takes Hardy down with a headlock but Hardy regains his feet and takes Angle to the corner, then stomps him down to the mat. Angle responds with an overhead belly to belly suplex for 2 as Jarrett stands in the corner with his arm outstretched, so Angle tosses Hardy into his corner and Jarrett suddenly drops to the floor. Angle tags AJ and they hit a double backdrop on Hardy for 2, but then Hardy drives AJ into the corner and now Jarrett tags in and he beats AJ down. AJ catches him unawares with a hiptoss and tags Angle, but Jarrett runs and tags out as he dives to the floor again. Angle comes off the ropes and Jarrett grabs his ankle, allowing Hardy to hit a clothesline for 2. Hardy goes to a chinlock, Angle fights his way out but Hardy nails him with a back elbow and a legdrop, then tags Jarrett in. Jarrett unloads with some hard rights and chokes Angle on the second rope as Karen screams in his face. Angle catches the ankle out of nowhere and goes for the anklelock, but Hardy comes in to break it up and then tags in to inflict some punishment on Angle. Hardy with a vertical suplex for 2 and then goes back to the chinlock as we take a commercial break.

We’re back and Angle is trying to fight his way free, but Hardy nails him with a clothesline and goes for the Swanton, but Angle runs up the turnbuckles and suplexes Hardy into the ring. Angle makes the hot tag and AJ comes in and cleans house, hitting a hard back suplex on Jarrett for 2, Jarrett escapes the Styles Clash but AJ hits the Pelle Kick for 2. Hardy comes in and gives AJ a gourdbuster, but Angle hits a 450 German Suplex on Hardy and then stalks Jarrett as he gets up and goes for the Angle Slam, but Jarrett slips out and runs from Angle. He runs into the ring and kicks at Angle to keep him from getting in the ring, and AJ hits a springboard crossbody on Jarrett to pick up the win.

Winners: AJ Styles & Kurt Angle

Jeff Jarrett comes in with lowblows on both Angle and AJ and gives them both the Stroke, then Hardy comes in and gives AJ the Twist Of Hate. They continue beating them down until Fortune, Crimson, and Scott Steiner run in to make the save. The rest of Immortal runs in to even the odds and Fortune and company again get beat down. Rob Van Dam runs out and Jeff Hardy and Jarrett bail, and RVD cleans house on the rest of them until Matt Hardy clips RVD’s knee from behind. Now Ken Anderson runs out to make the save and clears out Immortal by himself, and then stares angrily at them as they hightail it up the ramp.


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