Original Sin Cara Now Able To Make WWE Return, Tyler Reks Retracts Statements

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Today, August 18, marks the day that the original Sin Cara (Mistico) can return to the company after his 30-day suspension after he violated the WWE Wellness Policy. It is still unknown if the original Sin Cara will be returning or if the company will be sticking with Hunico.

Following the comments Tyler Reks made a few days back, he has somewhat retracted his comments after he said he was “frustrated” not being featured on WWE TV.

“Guys, to clarify my response earlier, I am not “unhappy” with my career in any way, shape, or form. I never said that. In fact, I am elated to be a part of the WWE & the company has always treated me extremely well. With any business there will be frustration from time to time, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like what I do or where I work. I really enjoy communicating with my followers & answering questions for them, but please don’t twist my words to make a headline. Thanks,” he wrote in a follow-up.

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