Plans For CM Punk’s Last Feud If He Leaves WWE, Kharma Not A Diva, More

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Following a two-year investigation into WWE, the State of Connecticut has ruled that they owe $7,316 in underpaid unemployment compensation for certain WWE employees. WWE does not agree with the audit but are paying the fine “under protest” because the fine will cost less than it will to go through a legal process of challenging the audit. This is the investigation that came up during Linda McMahon’s failed Senate bid.

Tina sent word it’s interesting to note that Kharma is listed on WWE’s RAW roster but is not included with the rest of the Divas on their Divas roster.

There has been talk of having John Cena be CM Punk’s last feud, should Punk leave WWE at the end of the Summer when his contract expires. There has even been talk of having Punk wrestle Cena in his final match, putting him over, if things get that far without Punk re-signing.

One Response to “Plans For CM Punk’s Last Feud If He Leaves WWE, Kharma Not A Diva, More”

  1. Dusk Falls says:

    I really don’t want CM Punk to leave but I would rather see him at his full potential rather than being held back. If his last feud will be against cena I think that would be a huge slap in the face to have CM Punk pretty much job to cena when in reality cena wouldn’t stand a chance whatever CM Punk does I look foreward to it.

  2. What is this “In Reality Cena wouldn’t stand a chance” talk? You do realize there is almost NO REALITY in wrestling. The only time things get real, is when someone gets injured, doing a scripted move.

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