Spoilers On WWE’s 2/21/11 Revelation Tonight, Will Sting Be There?

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After three weeks of anticipation and speculation by fans because of vignettes that have aired on World Wrestling Entertainment, the company is set to reveal who the individual behind the 2/21/11 videos are tonight on their flagship program, RAW, on the USA Network. Visitors here at WrestleHeat.com have given plenty of their predictions who will be revealed tonight, with some people predicting Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and the Internet favorite, Sting.

It is quite clear, however, that the Undertaker will be returning tonight on RAW. According to Dave Scherer, the Undertaker was spotted at a local Fresno, California airport last night, arriving in time for the RAW tapings tonight, among a lot of other clues that have been hinted by the WWE website lately.

While most fans are confident that it will be the Undertaker returning, others are questioning who will be returning with him, if anybody. In the latest vignette that aired over the past week, the vignette is vague in that it looked like the Undertaker was inside his cabin while someone else was lurking outside his cabin, trying to get in. With WrestleMania 27 just six weeks away now, WWE will likely begin the Undertaker’s rivalry tonight on the show. The latest I’ve heard is that Sting has not signed with the WWE, so unless he is being kept under wraps by Vince McMahon, Sting likely won’t be appearing on WWE programming heading into WrestleMania. The back-up plan, however, is currently being set to be the Undertaker vs a returning Triple H, with Triple H likely putting his career on the line against the Undertaker’s streak.

5 Responses to “Spoilers On WWE’s 2/21/11 Revelation Tonight, Will Sting Be There?”

  1. Derek says:

    just a few hours away from not having to answer the sting question anymore, yay!

  2. I would much rather it be anybody else other than HHH. That “Streak vs. Career” is already been there, done that. If it’s him, then I’ll really be disappointed. I could care less about Sting.

    • Cliftonsamuel56 says:

      I wish sting would come out and be a man and tell the world he ant never comeing to wwe nomatter what so we could stop caring and hhh had already wrestle taker at wrestlemania have they forgot

  3. AcesJD says:

    I really hope it is Sting. People, Vince said to staff that it was Bieber who was going to host WM. And turns out, we got the Rock back :). Besides…the 2’s on those Taker Promo’s look EXACTLY like scorpion tails…it’s no coincidence. I bet Vince is telling his staff to be prepared for Triple H’s return tonight, when it could be in fact Sting instead. Besides, I’ve read the recent interview from Triple H and he doesn’t sound like he’s planning to return before WM 27. Like I say it’s just my opinion though, expect anything :).

  4. Iceberg says:

    that was disappointing. lets not forget the Daily News sais Sting has signed with WWE

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