Possible Spoilers & Predictions For The 2011 WWE Elimination Chamber PPV

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Tonight, World Wrestling Entertainment will usher in the second pay-per-view of the year, the Elimination Chamber, where two of the cage-type matches will determine who will main event WrestleMania 27 in early April. On the RAW brand, they have a number one contender’s Elimination Chamber match featuring RAW’s finest. That winner will go on to face either Jerry “The King” Lawler or the Miz for the WWE Championship. On the SmackDown! side, they have the World Championship on the line with Edge defending his newly-won belt against four other participants and a mystery opponent.

The main event of the show will be the WWE Championship on the line with Jerry Lawler challenging the Miz for the WWE title. Unfortunately for Lawler, his mother passed away just seven days ago and the build had to be cut short this past Monday night on RAW due to Lawler not being able to make the show. While it would be nice to give a nice, nostolgic win to Lawler, I just don’t see it happening. WrestleMania is just six weeks away. If they decided to give Lawler the strap tonight, there is just no way they have Lawler walk into ‘Mania as Champion. So, he would have to lose it on free WWE TV, and at the same time, make the Miz look weak walking into WrestleMania. The WWE Champion should be strong heading into the biggest event of the year. I would love to see Lawler walk out as Champion, but the logic in putting the strap on Lawler is not right at this point. So, the Miz will retain the title.

Next, the RAW Elimination Chamber match featuring John Cena, CM Punk, Sheamus, R-Truth, John Morrison and Randy Orton. The winner will go on to face either the Miz or Lawler in April. Obviously, I just don’t see a name like Morrison or R-Truth headlining, so the prediction just got 66% easier. Next, Sheamus will not win because he is a heel and there is no money in a Miz-Sheamus match. I am thinking it’s pretty obvious that CM Punk and Orton have a built in rivalry that has been brewing over the past few weeks, so they will have their own match of some sort at WrestleMania with no title on the line. Cena has been feuding with the Miz over the past few weeks, so that is just the obvious pick here.

The SmackDown! Chamber match features Kane, Drew McIntyre, Rey Mysterio and Wade Barrett going after Edge for the World Title. Dolph Ziggler has been taken out due to him being “fired” on SmackDown last week. They could very well bring him back tonight and he’ll be placed into the match, that is a possibility. A big name such as a Rock, for example, aren’t — and shouldn’t — be part of the match because WWE hasn’t built the “mystery opponent” aspect. In fact, on WWE’s home page, they don’t even hint at a mystery opponent, so there could very well be five people. Spoiler alert: Christian is apparently backstage at the show tonight, so they could very well go another route and have Edge drop the title, put it on Rey Mysterio, for example, and have Mysterio and Del Rio continue their feud heading into WrestleMania. They could then do Edge vs Christian, but that is wishful thinking and has been suggested to WWE creative in the past, but they didn’t want to do it. Since Edge vs Del Rio has been teased, I think I’ll go with Edge retaining the belt. However, this card looks awfully predictable and they may just do a swerve to keep the fans talking.

They also added Del Rio vs Kofi Kingston in a rematch from their match last Friday night. I see Del Rio winning that match. They’d be foolish to give Kingston the win when Del Rio is heading to ‘Mania in six weeks as number one contender for the Heavyweight title. They also added the WWE Tag Team title match with Santino and Kozlov facing against Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel in a rematch from their matches over the past few weeks. Lately, they’ve been putting the Corre over the Champions, so I think I’ll go ahead and pick the Corre to win the straps as well. Plus, that would be the one title change on the show.

Last year, WWE gave us seven matches on the card, including two Chamber matches. So unless they have last-minute bonus matches or an in-ring promo, you’ve got to wonder what they have in store for the other two matches that were in the slot last year. Do they just give the other matches more time? Or do they add another match or go another route?

By the way, we at WrestleHeat.com will be providing free live coverage of the pay-per-view tonight starting at 8PM EST. We will be giving match-by-match results, and unlike other sites, we will only post one match update per show, not twenty different news stories hoping you’ll click each story. We will also have a sidebar where you will be able to click around to view the results for the other show. Plus, after the pay-per-view, we will be having a special edition of WrestleHeat Radio, which we will link you to when it starts just before 11PM EST. There will be the audio and a chat room to chat with other listeners about the pay-per-view. Derek of WrestleHeat.com and I will be giving the match-by-match results, analysis of each match, star ratings and where the storylines go from here heading into WrestleMania. Plus, there is a call-in feature as well, so you can call-in and talk to us about your thoughts on the PPV, the way the matches came out, and where the storylines go heading into the next few weeks. We hope you’ll be able to join us tonight for the coverage and radio broadcast!

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  1. Tom Cena says:

    triple h is going to return tonight. Fact

  2. Yungjay77 says:

    Rey gotta win if alberto lose

  3. Giantsfan361 says:

    Im not sure i agree with all

  4. Eddaddy says:

    I agree 100% but your math takes out the fun in all this. Next time just say who wins and not the process of elimination equation. But thanks anyways for your opinion.

  5. Blah Morri says:

    Morrison will win

  6. Mindjabizness says:

    Didn’t they do Edge vs Christian on free TV late last year?

  7. Dinor says:

    john cena vs the rock

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