Post-TNA iMPACT! Live Audio Show Tonight At 10/9c

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Tonight, immediately following TNA Wrestling’s broadcast of iMPACT! on Spike TV, will be debuting their brand-new post-show audio show, running down the whole TNA program. Unlike many radio shows on the Internet where you hear the host talk, we are looking for YOU to participate along with us tonight.

Tonight will be our premiere edition of the radio show where the webmaster of, Mike Norway, will talk backstage news and rumors on what you just watched on iMPACT (including the revelation of “THEY” tonight) and talk to YOU, the readers (and listeners). Not only will we be covering iMPACT!, but we will also be talking the latest wrestling news in general from both WWE and TNA. is introducing this program on a trial basis and tonight will be our initial broadcast on We hope to have this new radio show air immediately following iMPACT, SmackDown, RAW and pay-per-views, too. In order to continue doing it, we need listeners to listen and you to call-in live.

Norway will be talking with YOU tonight as he talks about what you just watched on iMPACT, the revelation of the “THEY” angle, hype to the Against All Odds PPV and more.We are looking for you to call-in to the radio show tonight and give your thoughts on the “THEY” angle tonight, the matches, the booking and the show overall.

The show will begin broadcasting IMMEDIATELY following iMPACT on Spike tonight at 11PM EST and 10PM CT. As I mentioned, this is the very first program and I’ve scheduled it to last about 90 minutes, but I am completely unsure how long it will last, but it will depend on whether we get a lot of callers tonight.

The basis of the new program is not to just hear me talk, but the listeners to hear you talk. Once the program begins, we will post a link for you to click on and listen on to the program. On that page, there will be a call-in number for you to call and talk to me live. Again, the show is scheduled to air tonight at 10PM EST, IMMEDIATELY following iMPACT! tonight. As this is one of the most anticipated show in a long time, we hope to have a lot of listeners tonight.

Please do come back here immediately following iMPACT to listen live here at!

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