Randy Orton Reportedly Upset With WWE WrestleMania Placement

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WWE Raw star Randy Orton is upset with his position on tonight’s WrestleMania card. According to a well placed WWE source, the Cole/Lawler, Triple H/Undertaker, 8 man tag match and Cena/Miz bouts were set to close the show, and we have been told that Orton is upset that his match against CM Punk is not amongst the top 4 on the show, as he feels his program with Punk has been helping to carry Raw on a weekly basis and at house show events heading into WrestleMania.

Additionally, we have been told that agent/producer Arn Anderson informed Orton earlier today that after several WrestleMania edits his match against Punk would also be trimmed down time-wise, and this further upset Orton.

While Orton understands that Triple H/Undertaker and Cena/Miz/Rock has garnered much fan interest and are money matches that deserve to be ahead of him on the WrestleMania card, he feels that an 8 man tag match and a match between announcers should not supersede the work he and Punk have been doing on Raw.

2 Responses to “Randy Orton Reportedly Upset With WWE WrestleMania Placement”

  1. IEddaddy says:

    He shouldn’t get mad. I wasnt into that feud much anyways. It bothers me how cena went through hell and orton immediately takes out nexus one by one. If they did the orton feud before the cena one then I’d be more interested but not the way they did it.

  2. k808 says:

    Completely agree

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