Randy Orton vs CM Punk Made Official For WWE WrestleMania 27

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During tonight’s WWE Monday Night RAW on the USA Network, Randy Orton vs CM Punk was made official for WrestleMania 27 in Atlanta, Georgia in April. To set up the match, Orton came to the ring and told Punk that he was right about something last week. Two and a half years ago when he kicked Punk in the skull, he made the biggest mistake of his career. The mistake was that he should have kicked Punk harder. He says that Punk can talk about faith but it won’t protect him. Orton says that he will kick Punk so hard that it makes his neck snap. He will crush Punk’s spine and make him a permanent resident of a rehabilitation facility where his goal will be to walk again. Punk will eat from a straw and everything will be a haze. The only thing that Punk will have left is the faith that deserted him.

CM Punk then came out with three members of Nexus since Husky Harris is still injured. Punk calls Orton an arrogant but predictable hypocrite. Punk says that Orton’s ego has put him here. Even though Orton will try to put him in a rehab facility, Punk says that he is going to put Orton in the ground.

The General Messenger then beeped in and said since there is only one way for Punk and Orton to settle things and that is in a match at Wrestlemania. Randy Orton will face members of the Nexus leading to Mania. If they win, they will be allowed in Punk’s corner. If Orton beats them, they will not be allowed at Wrestlemania. The Messenger says that if Punk or Nexus interfere in any way, Nexus will be disbanded.

In the first match Orton faced against the Nexus, he beat Michael McGillicutty and then punted him to likely put him on the shelf for a few months from WWE television.

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