RAW: John Laurinaitis Is GM, Vince McMahon Returns, Jim Ross Fired

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Hot off the heels of last week’s WWE RAW where the wrestlers of RAW walked out on WWE COO Triple H, tonight’s USA Network broadcast was certainly eventful featuring the return of the entire roster and the real-life CEO of WWE, Vince McMahon.

The broadcast started with an empty-looking backstage area and the-then WWE COO Triple H making his way to the ring, promising to the fans that he’ll provide them a full two-hour broadcast of RAW like they’ve become acustomed to, even if it meant that he would “wrestle a broom.” This caused John Cena, Sheamus, and CM Punk coming out to the ring and announcing that they’re on the side of Hunter. Hunter then made the first match of the evening — Cena vs Sheamus with Triple H as the referee and Punk as the lone ring announcer.

The match wouldn’t last long as former on-screen CEO Vince McMahon returned and informed Hunter that the Board of Directors have announced that Triple H would be replaced atop the company by real-life WWE Talent of Relations, John Laurinaitis.

This, of course, caused the “protesting” wrestlers outside the building (not shown on camera, but referred to by the wrestlers in the building) to make their return. A few segments later, Laurinaitis announced that WWE announcer Jim Ross would once again be fired from the company, and once again humiliated in his hometown of Oklahoma City, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody at this point as McMahon has a habit of poking fun of Ross in front of his hometown.

During an Alberto Del Rio vs CM Punk match-up made earlier in the night by Laurinaitis, he stopped the match-up and announced that the match would be changed as a singles bout to a tag team match. Laurinaitis announced that Del Rio and Punk would team up against the re-instated The Miz and R-Truth, who were previously “fired” from the company just weeks back.

3 Responses to “RAW: John Laurinaitis Is GM, Vince McMahon Returns, Jim Ross Fired”

  1. Barnhartmelissa says:

    Thanks to the heartless acts of john laurinaitis as GM..I am no longer interested in watching Monday Night Raw. I feel that he is nothing but a coldYhearted, arrogant, and worthless piece of crap who is now going to run the company down. His firing Jim Ross was major BS, Michael Cole is the one that needs to be fired. He has made this show a joke and a half.

    • Anonymous says:

      you know it’s fake right?

    • Bartender says:

      yeah ehm…. i wanted to tell you the same thing…. this is fake… all of it… like santa…. and the easter bunny…… not real….. non of it…. and if you did not know…. im sry im the one who had to tell you

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