Real Plans On Vince McMahon Leaving WWE, Update On Sin Cara’s Suspension

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The long-term plan for Vince McMahon to lighten his WWE duties in real life was for his current run to end around WrestleMania 28, with Triple H taking over the day-to-day activities. Even then, Vince will still oversee everything and won’t be going anywhere. This marks the fifth straight year that Vince has written himself off WWE TV in some form or fashion. In 2007 he was blown up in a limousine, 2008 saw the RAW set fall on top of him, in 2009 he sold WWE to Donald Trump in the storylines but still appeared some and last year, he was beat up by Nexus and put in a coma.

As noted before, Sin Cara actually failed his WWE Wellness test back in June but was just suspended this week. It’s believed that Cara told the company he could provide a doctor’s note for whatever he failed for, and after being given weeks to produce it, he was either unable to produce the note or WWE wasn’t pleased with what he produced.