Reby Sky Update: NC Website Confirms Reckless Driving Offense

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As noted previously, Matt Hardy’s girlfriend Reby Sky (real name Rebecca Victoria Reyes) was stopped by police earlier this week, which the Wrestling Globe initially broke. For what it’s worth, Reyes is denying the allegations on her Twitter account, claiming that she just received a traffic ticket for speeding and nothing more when she was on route to pick up her boyfriend from the hospital.

It turns out that claim is only half right. While she did receive a ticket for speeding, the North Carolina Court System website also notes that she was indeed involved in reckless driving. It doesn’t note, however, if she was arrested, though if the Wrestling Globe was correct in the offenses that she received, there is no reason to claim that she was arrested if she wasn’t.

Reyes is now trying to defend herself on Twitter, claiming that the Wrestling Globe had “just lost all credibility” because no date of her arrest was specified. She also said that reporters that broke the news “make [her] sick” because she comes from a “legitimate sports broadcasting/reporting background.”

It seems that Reyes is following the failed formula of her boyfriend of blaming others instead of blaming herself for putting others on the road in danger. Judging by Hardy’s former conspiracy theory claims, I’m willing to guess that she will be claiming that the website was set up to wrongly frame her. Because the North Carolina police department has nothing better to do, right? I think we’ve seen this story before, and we know the way it ends.

(Thanks for contributor Brian Smith for sending along the link to the website).

One Response to “Reby Sky Update: NC Website Confirms Reckless Driving Offense”

  1. Eli says:

    You want to know why The Hardys and there group of friends rag on websites like this? You people insist on expressing your own biased opinion about who they are, instead of just reporting the facts. We don’t need to know how YOU feel about them, you weren’t there and you don’t know exactly what happened. Just report facts and be done with it.

    Just my two cents.

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