Report: Chris Jericho In Talks To Return To WWE Again

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Chris Jericho is now apparently talking to WWE management about possibly making a return to the company, according to While he isn’t looking at coming back full-time, he is more interested in a schedule similar to the Rock. No word on when he is expected to return, but many see him coming back in early 2012, likely around WrestleMania time.

3 Responses to “Report: Chris Jericho In Talks To Return To WWE Again”

  1. Ty says:

    That’s fine, better a little of him than nothing.

  2. PL says:

    Chris Jericho might coming back around Wrestlemania time, one thing pop in my mind is Chris Jericho vs Undertaker at WM

  3. Mr Gipson87 says:

    why does chris jericho not want to come back to wrestling full time he is the star of wwe

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