Report: Hulk Hogan To Do ‘Dancing With The Stars’?

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According to a report by, ABC is trying to once again reach out to TNA Wrestling star Hulk Hogan to appear on the upcoming fall season of Dancing with the Stars. While we don’t know what Hogan said to them this time around, he has denied the offer in the past.

If they can’t get Hogan, there is word that they will try to get his daughter, Brooke. TMZ reported yesterday that Jersey Shore star Snooki is likely all but confirmed for the upcoming show after Mike “The Situation” did it last year.

One Response to “Report: Hulk Hogan To Do ‘Dancing With The Stars’?”

  1. AMBayes728 says:

    Now that a BIG LAUGH …Hulk Hogan doing DANCING WITH THE STARS .. is so darn RIDICULOUS!!! The man just had back surgery not too long ago, and when you see Hogan on the tv program IMPACT Wrestling, the man can barely walk!. Hogan’s daughter Brooke would be a better choice.  Forget, about the HULK.

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