Report: Mick Foley Asks For Release From TNA Wrestling

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Just a couple of weeks into the revelation that Mick Foley was behind “the Network,” Foley has already gone ahead and asked for his release from the company, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The newsletter states that the release was requested because of “creative differences”. As of now, he has not officially gone from the company, but many expect the company to grant the release, especially coming off the news that the company is looking to release more talent.

On his Twitter account, Foley has openly talked about the possibility of appearing on WWE television, as he wanted to appear on RAW a few months back during the Rock’s birthday celebration. Regarding TNA, Foley admitted on Twitter that he “worked hard for changes that [he] felt would benefit Impact Wrestling.” He added, “I can understand how some would interpret that as difficult to work with.”

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