Report: The Reason For Zack Ryder’s New Storyline With Eve Torres

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Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that U.S. Champion Zack Ryder is being placed in a romance storyline with Eve Torres because of fear of that Ryder’s involvement in the main event the week prior may have actually caused a ratings drop-off.

We reported over the weekend that WWE was actually considering dropping the WWE Championship off CM Punk due to similar trends that suggest that viewers switch channels or channel surf when Punk appears on television.

The main event of last week’s six-man-tag match featuring Ryder, Punk, and Daniel Bryan vs The Miz, Alberto Del Rio, and Dolph Ziggler drew a 2.67 cable rating, which was not only the lowest-rated main event for RAW this year, but the lowest non-holiday main event since Dec. 8, 1997.