Who Was Responsible For Zack Ryder’s Push?, Tyson Tomko Rehab Update

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Regarding the recent push of Zack Ryder from a lower card talent to, last week, a TV main eventer and new United States Champion, PWInsider.com reports that CM Punk was mostly responsible. Punk reportedly went to management and told them to get behind him on several occasions. John Cena has since gotten behind him backstage, too.

In an update to former WWE Superstar Tyson Tomko and his rehab predicament following October charges of robbery at a CVS pharmacy, the St. Augustine Record reports that Tomko has just one month left in rehab. Following that program, he will be doing another six months of outpatient treatment — both of which are being paid for by WWE. Tomko will be arraigned on Jan. 3 for the October charges.