Rey Mysterio Wins WWE Championship On RAW

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Rey Mysterio officially kicked off his first reign as WWE Championship during tonight’s WWE Monday Night RAW broadcast after a 13-minute match with the Miz. Both men kicked off the show to conclude the tournament that was kicked off by-then WWE Chairman Vince McMahon after CM Punk decided to “leave” the company with the WWE Championship. After the match, Alberto Del Rio — who won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at the PPV last weekend — came in to attempt to cash in his contract on Mysterio, who just competed in a match and was attacked by the Miz afterward.

Mysterio would see Del Rio coming, however, and flew off the top rope from the ring and attacked Del Rio. Del Rio would then tell the referee he brought out with him that he didn’t want to cash in the contract now that Mysterio didn’t seem to be as injured as he thought. Mysterio was then crowned with the WWE spinner Championship, the same belt that Punk left the company with. Mysterio is a former two-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion in addition to his first WWE Title reign.

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