Ric Flair Says He’s Wrestled 100,000 Matches, TNA Cancels Live Events

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TNA Wrestling sent out a press release today announcing that live events in Alexandria, Louisiana on Friday, June 3, 2011 at the Rapids Parish Coliseum and the event in Bossier City, Louisiana on Saturday, June 4, 2011 at the CenturyTel have both been canceled. Those who purchased tickets to the live events will be able to received refunds from the point of sale, according to TNA.

Ric Flair made an exaggerated claim today while giving an endorsement for the Tampa Orthopedic and Pain Clinic that he has wrestled 100,000 matches within his career. Which, mathematically, would equate to wrestling one match per day for nearly 274 years. Here’s the quote that we received that newsbit from: “I broke my back in a plane crash, wrestled 100,000 matches and been world heavyweight champion 16 times. Thanks Tampa Orthopedic & Pain for keeping The Nature Boy Stylling and Profiling, Whooo!!!”

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