Ric Flair To Be At WWE’s Hall Of Fame?, Kimbo Slice/WrestleMania, RAW-USA

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– Regarding the rumors of Kimbo Slice at WrestleMania 27 as The Undertaker’s enforcer, reps of Slice’s aren’t aware of anything like that being planned. A source in WWE who would know about this if it were going on also says there is no interest in WWE bringing Kimbo in.

– The USA Network wants WWE to beef up Monday Night RAW for TV sweeps weeks in February. Look for the February 7th through February 28th RAW shows to be loaded. As mentioned previously here on WrestleHeat.com, TNA Wrestling is doing the same thing for their iMPACT! program on Thursday nights, starting with the highly anticipated February 3rd show that the company has been building for weeks now.

– Shawn Michaels wants Ric Flair to attend the Hall of Fame ceremony this year but no word yet if he will be there. The feeling is that WWE will allow Flair to attend but won’t put him on screen. The other question is if TNA would allow him to appear. TNA wrestlers have attended WWE’s Hall of Fame in the past but the general rule is that they are not allowed to attend.

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