Rocky Johnson Talks The Rock Returning To WWE, Wrestling John Cena Next Year, Hall Of Fame?

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WWE Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson, the father of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, recently spoke out to the Miami Herald about his son once again getting into the ring later this year as well as early 2012 for Survivor Series and WrestleMania 28, respectively, the possibility of him being inducting into the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame, and more. Below are a few highlights:

The Rock on his decision to work with WWE again after years of working in Hollywood: “He went out a champion, [and] it’s in his blood. It was in his grandfather’s blood. It’s in my blood. He is never going to get rid of it. Once you get into this business it stays with you through your whole life — whether it’s wrestling or being a manager or an agent. I’ve been in it for more than 30 years. It’s what he wants. I wouldn’t want him to do it on a full-time basis though. I told him, ‘You go back once or twice a year, or once every couple of years, because it’s in your system.’”

His thoughts on the Rock inducting him into the WWE 2008 Hall of Fame: “That meant more than anything in all the years that I put into professional wrestling. It was the culmination of everything. Now I look forward to inducting him one day into the Hall of Fame.”

Will The Rock be inducting into the WWE HOF in 2012?: “I’m not going to be the judge of that. Eventually he will be… I think he needs to be inducted in, but I don’t make that decision. We all live in Florida so I think it would be the perfect place. Though, again, I don’t make that decision.”

The Rock’s match with John Cena at WrestleMania next year: “With John Cena and The Rock, I think is strictly business. There is nothing personal. John Cena is a fantastic wrestler who has proven himself and has been world champion. I think it will probably be the greatest match in history. It will be two great athletes going against each other. I am always going to say Rock will come out,” Johnson said. “He is my son. I’m not going to bet against him.”

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