RVD Comments On Drew Carey Being In WWE HOF, Flair Canceled, More

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Ric Flair’s scheduled speaking engagement tonight at Pantages Playhouse Theatre in Winnipeg, Manitoba has been canceled. Refunds will be issued beginning March 30.

Rob Van Dam stated the following today on Twitter regarding Drew Carey’s pending induction into the WWE Hall of Fame: “DREW CAREY GETS INDUCTED INTO THE WWE HALL OF FAME. MAN, I’M GLAD I’M NOT A WWE WRESTLER.”

Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors personality Reby Sky, a former Playboy model, revealed on her Formspring account that she and Matt Hardy are engaged to be married. A wedding is set for June 17. The two have been dating since January.

5 Responses to “RVD Comments On Drew Carey Being In WWE HOF, Flair Canceled, More”

  1. Derek says:

    A TNA fan mentioning WWE in a bad light? Well, it’s better than them plugging WM I guess.

  2. Jared says:

    They always induct one celebrity, Rob was probably too high to remember this fact so we’ll let it slide

  3. Anonymous says:

    Who wouldn’t be ashamed of WWE. Not only their wrestlers, but even their fans. WWE recently made it clear that they are not a WRESTLING company anymore, but a GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT that produces movies, TV shows, etc. I feel really sorry for their fans…

  4. FullMoonMadness says:

    It is really bad at both “Dis”Organizations…One has nothing but Hollywood “glitze and glamour” constantly showing up to Host the show…with very boring wrestling matches…I guess they should start calling It an “entertainment” company instead…But then The initials would be WE , Then they would get sued By Woman’s Entertainment Channel ( Deja Vu…WWF = World Wildlife Fund ) LMFAO !!! The Other has Sloppy stroylines and Legends Grandstanding…Anyhow , in essence , Both Orgs need retooling !!! Atleast TNA still has that Old School wrestling feel to it

  5. @ dark_stalker,ok they might as well get rid of the wrestling ring, announce tables, wrestlers, trainers, and other wrestling materials. the point is they are WRESTLING, not Hollywood celebrities.

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