Scott Steiner Returns To TNA Wrestling, Part Of “They” Storyline

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As seen last night (view the results) on TNA Wrestling’s iMPACT! broadcast on Spike TV, former WCW, WWE and TNA Wrestler Scott Steiner returned to the company for the first time in almost a year, after he left the company back in February of 2010. He had left following the end of TNA’s Main Event Mafia faction, and after his feud with Bobby Lashley, who would also go on to leave the company months after Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff joined the company.

According to sources close to, the reason Scott Steiner is returning to the company is because he is part of the ongoing “they” storyline that the company has been promoting for weeks now, leading up to next week’s broadcast. As we broke weeks ago, TNA Wrestling is looking to reform the popular Main Event Mafia faction that ended toward the end of 2009. TNA was told to bring them back by Spike TV officials because they generated high ratings, similar to how the current TNA Knockouts draw.

As of right now, the plan for them is to debut next week (as the company continues to promote “them”) and feud with Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair’s Immortal faction. This will be the first major group of stars that will team up and take on the group that has been taking over TNA, in storyline terms. The plan is for the original members of the Mafia to return to the company, including Steiner, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe and possibly Sting, Booker T and Kevin Nash. TNA Wrestling has been promoting their debut with the company over the few weeks because starting next Thursday will be the beginning of February Sweeps, and TNA was told by SpikeTV to heavily promote programming during the month so they can compete with the other cable networks.

As I mentioned, we have been telling viewers of the site about the return of the Main Event Mafia for weeks. You can read our old stories we have posted and what TNA plans to do with the faction by clicking the “Main Event Mafia” and “Scott Steiner” red link tags in the story above.

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