Shane Helms Interview: Bashes Shawn Michaels, Why He Didn’t Join TNA

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Shane “Hurricane” Helms recently sat down with the Monday Night Mayhem radio show to talk to The Big Mosh and “The Chairman of the Board” Todd Vincent, the hosts of the show. Head to for the full audio, but below are some of the highlights of the interview:

His reasons for choosing to sign with Lucha Libre USA and not pursuing TNA or Ring of Honor more actively: “I just think it’s something different. I never did the Lucha Libre style, and I think I have more to offer those guys. I think it’s a challenge for me now. Once I left the WWE, if you count WCW, you’re talking about a 12-year TV career. The only time I had off is if I was hurt. I wasn’t really sure if I was going to sign another TV contract, because I didn’t know if I wanted to. I started working the indies, and working with a lot of talented people, and it kind of lit the fire under me again. There’s alot of people in TNA who want me there, and I have lot of friends down there, but Lucha Libre USA came at me with a great offer, so I think I made the right choice.”

Why, despite fan reaction, it was not a surprise for him to not join TNA, the importance of standing out on his own, and not going somewhere “because I’m someone’s friend”: “I had calls from certain people, but I hadn’t really decided. Even when the Lucha Libre offer came up, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do anything. I think TNA will always be an option, and it would great to work Matt, Jeff, and Shannon again, but I see those guys all the time anyway. I don’t want to go there just because I’m someone’s friend. That’s never been my deal, and I’ve always done my own thing anyway. I know it was a surprise to some people, but I think for people who really know me, it wasn’t that big of a surprise.”

Why he chose to echo his recent sentiments and feelings on Shawn Michaels, the reaction he has received from those within the wrestling community/his fans, and why “there will be more stories like that coming out” Shane’s explanation on the comments he made Shawn Michaels: “He tried to undercut me a couple times, and this was supposedly after his ‘salvation,’ when he’s supposed to be such a good guy. He’s undercut a lot of people, Ken Kennedy being one, that he really went out his way to bury for absolutely no reason. When you’re out there hurting somebody’s career and hurting somebody’s family, and then you go out on the stage and pray, that just rubs me wrong. I’m not getting anything out of telling the truth. I might have lost some fans just because I told the truth, but I think in the end there will be more people that will eventually, when they into a level of comfort that I’m at now, there will be more stories like that coming out.”

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