Shane Helms & Matt Hardy’s Girlfriend React To DWI Arrest

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Former WWE star Shane “The Hurricane” Helms has posted several messages on Twitter in defense of his longtime friend. He has directed numerous obscenity laced messages to users who disagree with him and also attacked celebrity website TMZ for breaking the news of Hardy’s arrest. “TMZ, a site that profits off the mistakes and downfalls of human beings. How proud they must be. What a bunch of maggots,” he wrote.

Hardy’s girlfriend Reby Sky has also reacted to Hardy’s unfortunate twist of fate. She wrote on Twitter, “It hurts to see anyone I love hurt in any way but I have faith that all will be ok. Regardless of what happens. Thanks for the support.”

One Response to “Shane Helms & Matt Hardy’s Girlfriend React To DWI Arrest”

  1. Hardyboyzfan says:

    in defense of Shane Helms,people got on to his twitter account & started abusing him for supporting Matt Hardy. He merely defended his opinion on the situation.

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