Shawn Michaels Not Allowed To Mention Ric Flair At WWE Hall Of Fame?, More News

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WWE has added Sin Cara to the roster page on their website.

NBC has a new WWE Tough Enough app available on iTunes.

Former WWE Diva Jillian Hall is now accepting bookings at

– It was speculated that Shawn Michaels was referring to Ric Flair when he said he couldn’t mention someone’s name during his WWE Hall of Fame induction speech. Shawn revealed on Twitter that he was talking about Vince McMahon. He wrote: “There seems 2b confusion on the ‘who’ I couldn’t mention during my speech. It was Vince. He doesn’t want focus on him. U wanna c the real Vince watch the HOF ring presentation on the WWE Diary w/me. The rest is gimmick, don’t believe what u read. It sounds like a schill but its fact. But of course that’s jus 1 guys opinion that actually knows him…for 20+ yrs. Whadda I know.”

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