Sheamus Comments On Most Difficult Thing In WWE, Best Former Star

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WWE Superstar Sheamus recently spoke with The Arizona Republic. Here are a few highlights from the Q&A:

Q: What is the most difficult thing about being a WWE star?
: Unquestionably the travel is the most difficult part of the job. You live out of a suitcase and are on the road a minimum of four days per week. If there’s an international tour, that could be 14, 15 even 20 straight days on the road. It is difficult, but of course the reward is that you are performing in front of the WWE universe night in and night out.

Q: Who’s the greatest WWE sports entertainer of all time?
: Stone Cold Steve Austin, no question. His character revolutionized the entire industry. How could you not relate to someone so entertaining, someone who did whatever he wanted to do and stuck it to his boss? He was the Everyman, went out, worked hard and kicked some tail in the meantime. Stone Cold is the man and will always be … that is unless he wants to lace the boots back up and get in the ring with the Celtic Warrior!

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