Sin Cara Interview Pulled By WWE, Management Reportedly Upset With Masked Star

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The interview that WWE Superstar Sin Cara conducted with The Record based in Mexico has been pulled from the website. A source tells me that WWE was already upset with Sin Cara after he failed the Wellness policy and got suspended, but now he is talking about it publicly. And while doing so, acting as if he didn’t know why he got suspended. As noted previously, he is already on the rocks with WWE and there are already reports that he may not be returning to the company after his 30-day suspension.

A source tells me exclusively that Sin Cara’s violation of the WWE Wellness policy was due to him testing positive for a performance-enhancing supplement (anabolic steroids, according to PWInsider). As noted previously, there is a lot of heat on Sin Cara as of late due to all the botches he has been doing in the ring. Triple H took Sin Cara under his wing, one of the first wrestlers he’s done so with since getting his promotion, and that he was “disappointed” with his wellness policy. If Sin Cara does return to WWE, it is due to Triple H’s influence, the source added.

9 Responses to “Sin Cara Interview Pulled By WWE, Management Reportedly Upset With Masked Star”

  1. teresadurham says:

    i  would  like   know  what  his  face  looks  like   under  that  msk?

  2. Merlin-0902 says:

    If sin cara gest kicked out.. am stopping watching WWE  . he is the one and only real fighter… come on ppl.  every body on the wrestling industry do  steroids… don play fool….

  3. says:

    How could he NOT fail a wellness test, especially for steroids?  Look at the size of his head!!

  4. John says:

    The guy who took over the new Sin Cara is Chris Jericho i believe under the mask – “I don’t want to go back and do the same thing,” he said, “and do the
    same character I was doing last time. You constantly have to reinvent

  5. Dedgens says:

    This is not a sport. This is crap TV for Old Fat People and the kids at school who dont have any friends(BC they watch this crap and dont play a real sport) Who cares if he is doing steroids. Dont they all? Look at the guy who made wrestling Famous. Was his name McMann? That dude was on more steroids than a race horse. I was a child of the 80’s. I enjoyed wrestling from the time I was about 6 to 10. Then at the age of 10 or 11 even I realized it was a load of crap. It was fun watching the Road Warriors or Hulk and the Giant or The Animal but the Wrestling industry has been garbage since the early 90’s. I am married with 3 small kids and I hope my son chooses to watch a real sport like Baseball, Football or Basketball with his free time. I know you fat, lazy, socially inept people will hate this post but F you all.

  6. Herst says:

    he sucks

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