Sin Cara Makes WWE Debut – Notes From Fan In Attendance & Photo

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Sin Cara made his WWE debut on Saturday night in Champaign, IL and defeated Primo Colon. Cara won the match by submission, using his La Mistica finisher, which is a headscissors takedown into a single-arm DDT into a Fujiwara armbar.

Cara also did most of his trademark moves that he did as Mistico in Mexico. A fan in attendance said the match went over 11 minutes and even though most fans didn’t know who Cara was, he got a good reaction. Click here to view photos of his appearance at the live events this past weekend.

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  1. J71677 says:

    Actually i was there and Sin Cara made his debut on Friday night in Champaign, Il. I think he did an awesome job, he reminded me of a young Rey. His high flying moves were awesome and the good news as i told my kids is all they have to do is take there doubles of Rey Mysterio action figures and call them Sin Cara.

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