More On Sin Cara Being Suspended – Lies To WWE Management

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We have more on Sin Cara’s current standing with WWE following him getting formally suspended by the company after the Money in the Bank pay-per-view last weekend. As noted in our story earlier, Cara failed the WWE Wellness Policy last month and continued to be written in the storylines before he was “injured” at the PPV last weekend and effectively written out of the storylines. However, a source I spoke to this weekend exclusively tells me that WWE had a reason for keeping him in the storylines — that is because Sin Cara told WWE officials after he was told that he failed the Wellness Policy for a performance-enhancing supplement that he had a prescription medication and that was the reason he tested positive.

WWE gave him a few weeks to show them proof of the medication and Cara continued to stall, my source tells me, and ultimately never showed the company the prescription that he allegedly had. WWE decided to continue to have him in the build-up to the Money in the Bank PPV ladder match but decided to write him out at the PPV, nearly a month after he failed the Wellness Policy.

A source went on to tell me that Sin Cara has a lot of heat on him now, not only because he failed the Wellness Policy but because he allegedly lied to WWE management about the prescription medication that he may or not have. The source goes on to tell me that if he wasn’t one of the “pet projects” that Triple H took under his wing under his new promotion, Cara would have been fired from the company, but because of how close he is to Hunter, he may have a second chance after the heat around him cools down backstage. As of this post, there still is no word of his future within the company. As noted previously, WWE management told the creative team not to “put any thought into any scenarios for him going forward”.

8 Responses to “More On Sin Cara Being Suspended – Lies To WWE Management”

  1. Waiting to hear people say that this is more ‘proof of cultural differences’. Sorry but lying’s lying, regardless. You’re given -weeks- to produce a piece of paper and you don’t? Really? 

    • TD Hunter says:

      Don’t believe everything you read.  Weeks to produce, I’d like to know when he had time considering they had him on the other side of the planet touring non-stop.  The man’s not a machine.  I like your comment about lying.  :o)

  2. Jaymdavis1 says:

    Hopefully they release him and he gets a shot in TNA.  I could see some decent matches with he and AJ Styles, Amazing Red.  Joe could probably throw this guy into the 4th row from the ring.

  3. randy says:

    i hope he does not get release that is smackdown best superstar on the brand

  4. jtg says:

     smackdown always lost big talented superstars i just hope it is not sin cara 

  5. Wwepunk says:

    I meet la Parka, former WWE rokie, he said all WWE kicks your ass doing about 5 shows a week non-stop. No money for rookies also, WWE knows. Shit if, Hulk Hogan left just imagine what WWE is about.

  6. Robdc says:

    its not just sin cara that wwe has treated wrongly, 8 years ago international wrestling legend ultimo dragon made his wwe debut and the contract only lasted 1 year give or take couple of months. and during that time he had a lot of dark matches and almost 0 oppotunities, and plus like sin cara there was big hype for his arrival to the wwe

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