Sin Cara Update: More Bad News That He May Be Gone From The WWE

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WWE Superstar Sin Cara has officially been removed from the WWE SummerSlam poster. The pay-per-view takes place in three weeks when he will still be suspended. However, according to new backstage news released by the masked Superstar, the WWE Creative team were told just one or two days before he was officially suspended to take him out of the scripts. In addition, going along with our previous report that WWE may not bring him back after his suspension, they were told to not “put any thought into any scenarios for him going forward”.

Many within the company are saying that WWE has “cut bait on him”, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Sin Cara wasn’t directly told that he was being released from the company, but the tone surrounding him backstage seems to go along with that sentiment.

2 Responses to “Sin Cara Update: More Bad News That He May Be Gone From The WWE”

  1. TD Hunter says:

    There’s no way WWE is going to fire him.  My guess he will be spending time in FCW for some training before coming back.  Of course creative was told not to write anything for him…they have to look at the here and now.  He’s on the ad for Night of Champions for September & they’re going to Mexico for RAW & SD come October.  He’s not some chump that no one will notice.

  2. Asilzonum says:

    The WWE would be wise not to let him slip away especially if what Cara said was true about the steriod thing being a misunderstanding. He’s already got a decent American fanbase, not as big as Mysterio or Cena but it’s still there. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to let him spend time in the FCW before coming back to TV but to let him go completely would be a huge mistake.

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