Is WWE Working With Ring Of Honor?

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There are people in WWE who don’t know this for sure but strongly suspect there is some kind of working agreement between Ring of Honor and WWE. There are also people in ROH who think the same thing. At the same time, people on both sides insist there is nothing going on between the two companies. Sources insist that some of the things CM Punk spoke about in his infamous RAW promo a few weeks back will start finding their way onto WWE TV soon. For example, Punk talked about Triple H taking over and he began that storyline on this week’s RAW.

Punk also mentioned John Laurinaitis and Colt Cabana, both who appeared on WWE TV in the past week. While Cabana wasn’t named by the announcers, he was shown at ringside on Money in the Bank and was photographed with Punk and the WWE Title in Chicago after the pay-per-view. Punk also mentioned Ring of Honor, which adds to the speculation that WWE may be working with them. For what its worth, Cabana has told at least one indy promotion that he’s worked regularly with that he’s not taking any more bookings with them after next month.

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