Spike TV Losing Faith In TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter: Report

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Spike TV officials have reportedly lost a lot of faith in Dixie Carter after she pushed them on the way they were doing the angle to get The Main Event Mafia back together last year. TNA spent months of building the angle with Dixie telling Spike that she had Kevin Nash and Booker T locked in. Booker and Nash both ended up in WWE, which led to no Main Event Mafia and the Fortune babyface turn on Immortal, ending up with a feud that went nowhere for the most part.

Related to this, Eric Bischoff has more power in TNA these days because Spike TV is working directly through him, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter

One Response to “Spike TV Losing Faith In TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter: Report”

  1. Washingtonderrick572 says:

    that’s right listen to someone partly responsible for ruining a wrestling company.it would be nice to have main event mafia back,but oh well.find new people to be in MEM.tna doesn’t need broken down kevin nash trying to wrestle.booker t’s career is done.he’ a announcer.he has nothing to prove.use the talent you have to rebuild main event mafia .spike tv doesn’t know what they wanna do,last i heard they was overhauling the programming.

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