Spike TV Rebranding Itself: TNA Programming In Jeopardy?

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Spike TV, the cable network that is home to TNA Wrestling’s flagship show Impact Wrestling, recently confirmed reports that the network will be re-branding itself in the coming months. Spike has catered its programming to young men since it launched back in 2003 – but after several years of declining ratings, the network is looking to broaden its appeal and will soon begin airing shows for men and women aged 18-49, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Spike is expecting to lose UFC programming and it’s being speculated that the new direction for Spike may hurt TNA and their Impact Wrestling show, despite Impact doing well for Spike’s demographic. During a recent investor conference call, Spike made no mention of TNA – and UFC was barely mentioned. If TNA was to be dropped by Spike, it would hurt the company big time unless they could secure another national TV deal.

While Impact Wrestling getting dropped from Spike would be a devastating blow to TNA, that seems unlikely at this point – since Impact still doubles the network’s average rating and does not cost Spike much in TV rights fees.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    this would be a huge blow to tna and a TKO to Spike if they lose the UFC programming but i.m sure they have all but lost the UFC since i’ve happened up on them on some other channel. however, if Spike were to drop TNA and why would they since TNA wouldstill fall within the target audiences? Right?. But stillOther doors just may open up and be a blessing to TNA and say….???…ESPN Classic for instance..Espn Classic has been known to air some of the old AWA days that WWE does not have rights to but thats only my 1st thought.- Jerrett and them wont fade that easily for sure. bet on that

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