Spoilers On The Format Of WWE Hall Of Fame Ceremony Tonight; Sunny Snubbed

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Despite Sunny being one of the biggest names being inducted into the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame this past Saturday night, don’t expect hear her speech in full tonight during USA Network’s broadcast of the Hall of Fame ceremony at 8PM EST. According to PWInsider.com, she is being snubbed by Drew Carey due to the ongoing deal WWE has with GSN to promote his new series on the network. As a result, we will be hearing Drew Carey’s speech from Saturday night. For those of you looking forward to hearing the heat he generated, though, don’t expect it. WWE has apparently heavily edited it off the broadcast.

Shawn Michaels’ speech will also be aired during the one-hour special to close the show and lead-in to the live RAW broadcast. While Drew Carey and Shawn Michaels will have their speeches heard in their near entirety, WWE is expected to have a video package recapping the other inductees, too. The Hall of Fame ceremony is part of a four-hour block of WWE TV tonight on USA.

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