Spoilers On The Rock’s WWE Opponent At WrestleMania, Rock Censored

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– The Rock has been added to WWE’s Alumni section as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Speaking of the Rock, Devin Cutting sent us a note stating that while the USA Network opted to stop censoring the word “ass” on Johnson’s promo last night, The Score in Canada bleeped every mention.

– There is speculation now that the anonymous RAW General Manager will be revealed as Vince McMahon, potentially setting up a Rock-McMahon “Attitude Era flashback” showdown at WrestleMania 27. As I noted last night, when the Rock was brought back to the company, there were no plans for him to wrestle for the company due to him being in movies and potentially risking hurting himself like the last time he was involved in the match. Unless Johnson and McMahon came to a new deal that involves him wrestling, don’t look for it to happen.

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