Spoilers: WWE SmackDown! Taping Results For Tonight (1/14/11)

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The following was taped this past Tuesday for tonight’s broadcast of WWE SmackDown! at 8/7c on Syfy. Thanks to PWInsider.com for providing us with the results.

(1) In the first match, Kofi Kingston defended the Intercontinental Title by beating Jack Swagger in a really good match.

(2) Rey Mysterio and R Truth beat Alberto Del Rio and Dashingh Cody Rhodes. This was an impromptu tag match after a promo. Big crowd-pleaser once again.

(3) Trent Barreta scored and upset by beating Drew McIntyre. People were pretty surprised since no one gave Trent a chance to win. A few fans started chanting, “Thank your wife” at Drew. I thought it was pretty funny.

(4) The Big Show beat Wade Barrett by DQ when Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel came in from the crowd and attacked Show. Ezekiel Jackson ran down to make what we thought was the save but he too joined the former Nexus members. We have a new heel foursome on Smackdown.

(5) Beth Phoenix beat Michelle McCool.

Next was a Cutting Edge segment with Edge hosting Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero. The gist of it was Edge talked about how he already had and discarded Vickie. He showed a clip of Dolph hooking up with Kaitlyn. Vickie got mad so Dolph attacked Edge. Edge ended up alone with Vickie, who slapped him. He teased he was going to hit The Spear but Dolph hit the Zig Zag on him instead. Vickie and Dolph hooked up as the crowd went nuts with heel heat.

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