Stat On Alberto Del Rio’s WWE Title Run, Hugh Jackman A Big Hit, The Muppets

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Hugh Jackman was said to be a big hit among everyone backstage at RAW last night. Jackman was a big fan of WWF back in the 1980’s and “lost it” when he saw Steve “Brooklyn Brawler” Lombardi backstage last night.

There was a lot of excitement going around when word reached the WWE crews that The Muppets will be appearing on the Halloween RAW.

WWE’s website pointed out today that Alberto Del Rio had the second shortest title reign for any of the Superstars who have cashed in their Money in the Bank briefcases to win a major title. Del Rio’s run with the WWE Title was just 35 days. Rob Van Dam has the shortest reign among the group with just 22 days back in 2006.

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