Stone Cold vs CM Punk Going To Happen?, Matt Morgan Cleared To Wrestle

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Matt Morgan has already been cleared to wrestle and is scheduled to face Somoa Joe at the upcoming No Surrender PPV. Joe is now working on getting back to shape, as confirmed by his tweet yesterday: “First REAL chest workout now in gym. Rehabs been great, pec is reattached & I’m 100% cleared! Hard work DOES payoff (those 3 a days=worth it!)”

Jim Ross notes on Twitter that CM Punk vs “Stone Cold” Steve Austin match could happen in the future, but he believes it has “less than a 50%” chance of it actually happening.

One Response to “Stone Cold vs CM Punk Going To Happen?, Matt Morgan Cleared To Wrestle”

  1. Washingtonderrick572 says:

    i do not wanna see cm punk vs stone cold.that match is about 8 years too late.austin should be happily retired drinking beer.too many knee surgeries.he has nothing left too prove.let it go.what is with these wrestlers always wanting just one more applause,just one more match,just one more time walking through the curtain?hopefully you saved your money.chill with family .go fishing.hang with your what ever hobby it is you have.i am soooo sick of the possible stone cold,hogan,flair,hbk,undertaker and goldberg reurns.they all made their money,ric wasted his.but the rest of them minds shouldn’t be on should be on family time.chill at the beach,enjoy all the luxuries of life.they all should have videos and memorabilia to show friends and family.enjoy your life while you have it.

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