Stone Cold Steve Austin’s WWE Return Set, Honky Tonk Man Rips Hulk Hogan

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– WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is advertised to make his return to WWE’s Monday Night RAW on March 7th from the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas. It’s expected that Austin will be on RAW to promote Tough Enough and WrestleMania 27, where Austin and the cast are expected to appear.

– WWE Legend The Honky Tonk Man said on his Facebook yesterday that a top behind-the-scenes player in TNA, someone close to Hulk Hogan, has left and is returning to WWE. Honky’s team then wrote the following blog on his official website against Hulk Hogan:

You guys keep asking what’s the issue with Hogan. Here’s the deal. Hogan is in a back brace and without it he is on a walker as an old crippled dogshit of a man who could only be found with his feet in Lard Ass Bubba’s ass. You ask why HTM doesn’t like Hogan?

Jeff Jarrett approached HTM for a TNA merchandise deal in 2010 and “sent” a contract. Contract never came. HTM signs with WWE & Mattel. The same time, Hogan and Bischoff join TNA and Bischoff publicly insults HTM. HTM is called up for the “Hogan & Friends Tour”, went to the show and had a great event with the boys and the fans. HTM and Jimmy Hart spend hours setting up the show, spots etc. HTM and his web team promote “Hulk and Friends” everywhere which Hogan’s agent praised and admitted none of the other stars did! Bubba the lard sponge calls out HTM on his radio show so HTM posted a video owning Bubba in retaliation. Hogan goes off without seeing the facts and HTM is off the tour.

HTM went to Hogan’s room on the Hogan & Friends tour and spent hours talking to Hogan. Hogan was nice to HTM’s face. That’s the deal with Hogan. That’s always the deal with Hulk Hogan. Ask Vince McMahon or Randy Savage.Hogan is a walking dead because he went with that travelling door to door meat salesman Bischoff instead of hanging with the guys who stood beside him and once again turned on WWE. McMahon’s done with Hogan and WWE have no interest in his dead ass. They put over Hogan, built him up as Babe Ruth and he spat in their face. Hogan was due to wrestle John Cena at a recent past WrestleMania but couldn’t commit due to his health issues then announces at Vince’s backyard MSG that he’s signed with TNA. Now after taking TNA nowhere Hogan’s had to take a pay cut with TNA and mark my words within 6 months he’ll be gone.

What is WWE going to do with a free agent crippled Hulk Hogan? Nothing. They own the entire back catalogue, anything of worth they have. Hogan has his chance to be the Babe Ruth of WWE and spat in their face. He demands top money from Vince and has nothing in return to offer.Hogan’s “Hulk & Friends” Tour is dead in the water. Events were cancelled due to poor ticket sales and performance and Hogan’s $100k fee demand while paying his fellow boys $3k.

THQ recently signed Hogan to WWE Allstars as his contract allows for outside licensing which is a slap in the face to TNA. Would McMahon let any WWE star sign a TNA merchandise deal? How is that taking “the company to the next level” Brother!.

The guys in the back have no respect for Hogan and Nash is laughing his ass off now that Hogan is broke and Nash is back as a player. A major TNA backstage player has bolted TNA for WWE, someone close to Hogan which has left Hogan reeling. More on that to come.. Hulkamania killed itself.

HTM Team

3 Responses to “Stone Cold Steve Austin’s WWE Return Set, Honky Tonk Man Rips Hulk Hogan”

  1. Brybillings says:

    Wow, that’s really rough!

  2. IEddaddy says:

    Wow now that’s putting it all on the table. HTM shouldn’t be bitter though and snitch like that. Hogan is broke bc his wife left and took a lot of loot with her. And his son was facing many many years in prison for that drunk driving accident plus the lawsuits that followed that. HOgan used to be a huge franchise with merchandise, movies, commercials. Only thing that can bring that back is thru wwe and maybe lower his demands and build back up. And he should just focus on him and not worry too much on older accuaintences.

  3. Derek says:

    Hogan and Hulkamania is on it’s last legs. With so many returns, his value is used up and considering he can’t wrestle anymore, Hulk Hogan is a star of the past. With his financial troubles (which are all his own fault, short the drunk driving thing) mounting he finds himself forced to try over and over and every time he does his value drops. Hogan is going to have to humble himself greatly and come to understand life without millions in the bank. I’m sure it’ll be a rough transformation.

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