Strange Segment At Last Night’s WWE Taping, Superstars Matches For Tonight

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Scheduled for tonight’s WWE Superstars on, taped this past Monday and Tuesday, include Tyson Kidd vs Trent Baretta, Gail Kim vs Melina, and the Usos vs Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater. Michael McGillicutty & David Otunga vs Santino & Vladimir Kozliv will main event the show.

The following contains spoilers for this Friday’s SmackDown: WWE NXT season 4 winner Johnny Curtis appeared at last night’s WWE SmackDown! taping last last night, in a segment that left many fans in attendance confused. Curtis said that he won NXT last year and was supposed to get a WWE Tag Team Title match with R-Truth, but he won’t be getting it. He then said he was going to do what “WWE stars do when things don’t go their way” — douncing milk over his head, a play out of the old cliche “crying over spilled milk”.

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