Tara Comments On TNA Knockout Salary Claims

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TNA Knockout Tara commented on her official website regarding rumors last week that Christy Hemme and Mickie James are both earning more than $100,000 a year while the rest of the female performers earn about $600 per appearance at most. Tara denied some of the claims.

“With regards to what is said in the wrestling gossip sites, I’m not going to bash them. Sometimes they are accurate, and I wonder how that info got out. But sometimes, and on stuff I know for certain, it can be inaccurate. Again, I don’t know how people get their information. But a perfect example is a couple days ago there was someone talking about the pay for the Knockouts. I know for certain that there were multiple inaccuracies in that article,” Tara wrote.

“Did someone plant the story to cause tension in our locker room, which is especially stress-free these days? Or did someone just mistakenly get some information wrong? Who knows, but that’s my “don’t believe everything you read” speech. If you want to know ask me. I respond to as much as I can on Twitter. What’s my favorite color? Red. How old is my dog Sophie? Three. How much do I get paid as a Knockout? None of your damn business.”

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