The Latest News On WWE WrestleMania Guest Host, The Rock Hints At Return

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We have had many readers send us word that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson just posted this today as a possible hint as to Vince McMahon’s big announcement tonight on Raw revealing the guest host of Wrestlemania 27 with the words, “…FINALLY…Get ready…DJ.”

Finally, there is a rumor going around various websites that conflicted with our sources that say the Rock will indeed guest host WrestleMania. Other reports suggest that Bob Barker will be guest hosting WrestleMania. According to the sources I have been contact with, Barker was never mentioned. If they had Vince McMahon come out to announce the news last week and then this week, it’s doubtful that a name like Bob Barker would host the show as it would be considered a disappointment considering the hype. I have more to say about this during WrestleHeat Radio tonight.

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