The Miz Comments On Main Eventing ‘Mania, Defending WWE Title, The Rock

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WWE Champion The Miz recently spoke with Here are some of the highlights:

IGN TV: The other night on RAW you sent a very strong message. You think that was heard loud and clear by The Rock?
The Miz
: I think it was heard by everybody, because let’s face it, they were trying to make me feel like I was second fiddle. It literally felt like it was Cena/Rock, Rock/Cena… And I’m the WWE champion! Excuse me! Hello! I’m the guy that everyone should want to be and they’re going and doing their little raps back and forth, calling each other Fruity Pebbles and stuff like that. What are we, in third grade? Grow up, kids!

IGN: Rock’s rumored to come back to RAW before Mania. Are you ready to face him?
: Absolutely. I can’t wait to go verbally with him, because people are always like, “He’s the best verbal guy in the WWE ever.” And if they say that, then watch and learn, kids. You’ll see the new guy.

IGN: So are you ready for the experience of main eventing WrestleMania?
: Oh my god, are you kidding me? I’m the main event of WrestleMania! Last year I started the show, now I’m closing the show. So it’s kind of a whole year of working really, really hard and to get that top spot, that top billing, is amazing. And going in as WWE champion… Not many people get to say that. I think 40 people have been WWE champion in the entire existence of the WWE, so it’s kind of cool to be one of those people and going into WrestleMania, and hopefully coming out — which I think I will, just because I’m The Miz — winning. Or as Charlie Sheen would say, “Duh, winning!”

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